The Spiritual Individual

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The spiritual individual Lorem Ipsum

What I want to do on this page is set out the first four aspects of the creed for a planetary individual

I am, first foremost and eternally

A spiritual being in a physical body.(this will be a link to a T3 deeper explanation)

and link to T3 pages

Talks about the gradual realization that we are not a physical body living in a separatist world, but that within each of us there is a spiritual aspect that is divine, universal, eternal and immortal and that, increasingly, we are becoming aware of out spiritual nature

This page links to T3 pages

Spiritual Being

Spiritual Right

Spiritual Mandate

These talk about understanding and aligning to our spiritual nature, including the recognition that the mind-brain mechanism is not in control, and how this alignment puts us into flow with our divine nature.

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Spiritual Right

This is the third paragraph

Spiritual Mandate

This is the fourth paragraph

Spiritual Responsibility